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It is a privilege of the most high to be able to live well and teach others how to live well. Team Metta Movement is a fitness based coaching community dedicated to helping others HEAL, GROW, and become EMPOWERED via fitness and nutrition while simultaneously growing healthy, financially sustainable businesses that are limitless.

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Our Mission

Inspiring Change

To inspire loving and health affirming action in our communities through high value products, services, and experiences that empower and grow individuals consistently in their health, wealth, and happiness.


What We Do

  • Use simple FITNESS & NUTRITION tools alongside daily consistent accountability to maintain STRONG and EMPOWERED lives that are holistically fit.

  • Teach others how to do the VERY same thing using the same simple tools.

  • GROW and MENTOR our own community of like minded coaches for greater impact.

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What You Get As A New Coach

Welcome to Your Adventure

  • Group mentorship 24/7 from veteran coaches

  • Weekly business training calls via video conference

  • One on one coaching from your sponsor coach to help you grow a thriving business.

  • Your fitness & nutrition kit to get started right away on your journey.

  • All the training tools necessary for business, social media presence, and organization.

  • An outline of 3 simple goals to get your business on track to 6 figures.


How to Get Started

Pick your Fit Kit. Get Started.

This business is all about leading by example. We first show up for ourselves DAILY in our health and fitness and we help others as we help ourselves. Grab your Fit Kit with all the tools you'll need and receive the business for FREE.


  • Year Membership to your digital fitness library (600+ workouts & many added yearly)

  • Nutrition guide book + container system to follow meal plans

  • Nutritionally dense superfood smoothie blend (vegan options!) to satisfy your body on a cellular level + shaker cup.

  • BONUS OPTION: Choose a pack that includes are clean preworkout & post workout muscle recovery supplement.


I have had breakthroughs, growth and more forward movement in my life since joining the team in May than I’ve had in 6 years. This community fosters so much love and growth, it’s nearly impossible to not shine your light brighter than before.

Coach Jenny Lyman


I have found my passion for leading again. I have found a place that feels like home to learn, grow, and mentor others along the way.

Coach Anne Livingston Peters


I found a space where I was free to dream big and now I’m gaining the confidence to reach for all of it. I’m learning what’s really possible for my life

Coach Alicia Jacobs

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